Invitation to Apply as a Fellow to the Second Edition of the Liberia School of Internet Governance (LSIG) taking place from Time: August 9 -14, 2021. Venue: Online via webinar and e-learning, and one day face-to-face at Corina hotel. Introduction Internet Society Liberia Chapter has since worked with other Internet and ICT stakeholders in Liberia to organize the Liberia Internet Governance School and Forum (LSIG/LIGF) that brings together local actors in ICT policy discussions.

"Learning DNS its Privacy"

Internet Society Liberia Chapter Invites you to attend a WEBINAR on "Learning DNS its Privacy". Objective: It is important to learn those techniques for improving end-user DNS privacy protection that prevents DNS from exposing information about networks or websites users visit and the people users communicate with. DNS translates domain names to IP addresses so browsers can load Internet resources.

"Encryption Rescues DNS Privacy"

Internet Society Liberia Chapter Invited chapter members and non members to attend a WEBINAR on "Encryption Rescues DNS Privacy". Where about 100 applications were received from interested applicants. The webinar took place as scheduled with 2/3 of registered participants present.