rasp all the information presented, even if some of the topics are new to the target participants. They will learn real-world cybersecurity fundamentals to serve as the foundation for their career skills and knowledge for years to come. The planned event is scheduled to take place from March 18 to 19, 2021 with every stakeholder participating. There have been several meetings with stakeholders on various implementation strategies, the coordination, and alignment of these strategies have been encouraging, and the project is holistically branded with the involvement of all. Day one of the event will be conducted virtually on the zoom conference platform. The national cybersecurity education and training seminar are to offer an intensive learning progression or experience covering a wide range of topics on cybersecurity as in the attached agenda. We are also accepting speakers for topics marked as TBA. Please nominate and send us the name of a person or persons with credentials against any of the sessions. You can also nominate yourself if you have the credential to cover any of the sessions as well. Feel free to let us know. The registration to join the zoom meeting can be done here
PRIDA - Lessons LSIG: Registration to Moodle Enrollment (50 Students to Enroll)
PRIDA - Lessons LSIG: Registration to Moodle Enrollment (50 Students to Enroll), Close 13th, October 2020 at 4:00 pm UTC. You must register for the Moodle class to received your certificate. Please click register with the link below to start your process.
Liberia School of Internet Governance 2020
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Internet Society Liberia Chapter Free Webinar
Throughout our lives, we are using devices that take us online, transact business, communicate with people, share data, do video processing, do our jobs, and even connect other devices to communicate with each other. In contrast, other people in our society do not have the means to communicate through similar devices due to either inability to acquire them or lack of purchasing power to data for internet access. The connection of these people is also important to form a part of sharing the same experience of those having the possibilities for connectivity to access information and share. There is also a need for internet service providers (ISPs) to focus on end-users data protection. ISPs should play a positive role in protecting end-users ' information and communication.