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rasp all the information presented, even if some of the topics are new to the target participants. They will learn real-world cybersecurity fundamentals to serve as the foundation for their career skills and knowledge for years to come. The planned event is scheduled to take place from March 18 to 19, 2021 with every stakeholder participating. There have been several meetings with stakeholders on various implementation strategies, the coordination, and alignment of these strategies have been encouraging, and the project is holistically branded with the involvement of all. Day one of the event will be conducted virtually on the zoom conference platform. The national cybersecurity education and training seminar are to offer an intensive learning progression or experience covering a wide range of topics on cybersecurity as in the attached agenda. We are also accepting speakers for topics marked as TBA. Please nominate and send us the name of a person or persons with credentials against any of the sessions. You can also nominate yourself if you have the credential to cover any of the sessions as well. Feel free to let us know. The registration to join the zoom meeting can be done here
2021 Board of Trustees Elections
The Internet Society serves a pivotal role in the world as a global leader on Internet policy, technical, economic, and social matters, and as a strong supporter of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Central to our success is the volunteer leadership provided by a dedicated and discerning Board of Trustees. We encourage qualified individuals to consider serving on the board. The Opportunity In 2021, the Internet Society’s Chapters will be asked to elect one member to the board, Organization Members will be asked to elect two members, and the IETF will be asked to appoint two members following the process documented in RFC 3677. One of the two Organization Member seats will include the usual three-year term of office. The other seat was recently filled on a temporary basis after the resignation of a Trustee originally elected for a three-year term in 2019. This seat will include a one-year term. The candidate in the Organization Members election who receives the highest weighted vote count will be seated for a full three-year term, and the candidate with the next highest weighted vote count will be seated for a one-year term. All successful candidates will be asked to participate in a board orientation program after the elections, and all will begin their terms on the board during the Annual General Meeting currently scheduled for July 31 – August 1, 2021.
Internet Hall of Fame
Thank you for your interest in submitting a nomination to the Internet Hall of Fame! If you know someone who should be honored for making groundbreaking contributions to the Internet, nominations are now open, and will remain open through April 23, 2021. Click on the button below to make a nomination, or review sample nomination forms in English, Spanish and French to learn more about eligibility criteria and nominee submission requirements.
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From protecting encryption to closing the digital divide, securing global routing to measuring the Internet, members can help keep the Internet a force for good.
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Internet Society Fundamentals for Chapters
Internet Society members are vital to carrying our message of an open, globally-connected, and secure Internet for all. Because members bring such great value, experience, and knowledge to our organization, we’ve designed a new training program just for them: The Internet Society Fundamentals program. The program was inspired by the great experience we had with 2020 Chapter training program as well as feedback on specific needs, requirements, challenges and the COVID-19 context. Internet Society Fundamentals aims to develop new community leaders equipped to tell data-driven stories about the Internet Society’s key projects. This will equip members to work with their Chapters to create local awareness, extending the reach of our work for an Internet as a force for good.
Early Career Fellowship
The Early Career Fellowship offers unparalleled access to world-class experts, including American University’s Professor Dr. Laura DeNardis and eminent scholars from the Oxford Internet Institute, as well as project management, advocacy and diplomacy know-how that will provide the foundation for the Fellows to become the future champions of the Internet. A cohort of 15 Fellows is selected twice a year to participate in the 24-week program. Fellows will be able to develop their knowledge and skills through seminars, events, courses, discussion sessions and project work. They will also have networking, mentoring, and collaboration opportunities. The program culminates in a final project presentation by each fellow at a closing symposium
PRIDA - Lessons LSIG: Registration to Moodle Enrollment (50 Students to Enroll)
PRIDA - Lessons LSIG: Registration to Moodle Enrollment (50 Students to Enroll), Close 13th, October 2020 at 4:00 pm UTC. You must register for the Moodle class to received your certificate. Please click register with the link below to start your process.
Liberia School of Internet Governance 2020
Liberia School of Internet Governance welcome to its first opening program. Please click register with the link below to start your process.
Internet Society Liberia Chapter Free Webinar
Throughout our lives, we are using devices that take us online, transact business, communicate with people, share data, do video processing, do our jobs, and even connect other devices to communicate with each other. In contrast, other people in our society do not have the means to communicate through similar devices due to either inability to acquire them or lack of purchasing power to data for internet access. The connection of these people is also important to form a part of sharing the same experience of those having the possibilities for connectivity to access information and share. There is also a need for internet service providers (ISPs) to focus on end-users data protection. ISPs should play a positive role in protecting end-users ' information and communication.