“Internet as a tool for economic growth: digital transformation in the digital economy of Liberia.”

This workshop is scheduled to take place from November 23 – 25, 2022. This workshop will be a hybrid one that brings together participants from government, SME businesses, high school students, University students, Journalists, civil society, and non-profits to discuss the most important issues facing digital transformation in the digital economy.


the DNSSEC hands-on demonstration training coming up from August 3-6, 2021. One exciting thing concerning this training is we have received confirmation that during the lab we’ll be joined by one of Africa’s leading Internet evangelists and an IANA crypto key officer - Alain Aina. If you have any questions about the root & the 7 key holders in the world, this is your chance to become more engaging. The lab was designed for people with technical background already on the field to enable them apply the demonstration in the physical workplace or ccTLD.