"Encryption Rescues DNS Privacy"
Internet Society Liberia Chapter Invited chapter members and non members to attend a WEBINAR on "Encryption Rescues DNS Privacy". Where about 100 applications were received from interested applicants. The webinar took place as scheduled with 2/3 of registered participants present. Objective: The objective of this webinar was to prepare the participants in learning the fundamental concepts of encryption (cryptography) necessary to better understanding DNSSEC coming up in webinar series with hand on the application in a Labs environment. Registration was free at: https://tinyurl.com/2wrb6dhk or https://isoc.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMpfuqgrTwoE9ZVXM-4Tp38Bj_39FRsAy8v. Time: June 17, 2021 at 1:00pm – 2:00pm UTC Where: Online at ZOOM Conference Center Why Attended? Because DNS has been largely unencrypted allowing everyone between a device and the resolver to be able to snoop on or modify DNS queries and responses; so, the participants must know how encryption can help in solving such a problem. Because DNS messages are unprotected, other attacks are possible on a network where queries could be directed to a resolver that performs DNS hijacking by redirecting users to a search page that returns a fake response for a domain that does not exist. Participants must know how encryption can rescue the DNS in the process. Because attending this webinar prepared participants for the webinar series coming up on DNSSEC with hand on in labs environment using UNIX OS. Who needed to Attend? Systems Engineers Software Engineers Networks Administrators IT professionals IT Instructors Educators IT Students Those interested in knowing about Encryption and DNS Privacy
Cyber Security Seminar Webinar - Day 1
Cyber Security Education and Training Seminar The Internet Society Liberia Chapter in collaboration with the Liberia Telecommunication Authority and the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications pleased to request your institution delegates from your Information Technology (IT) Department to attend a Cybersecurity Education and Training Seminar that is slated for 18th – 19th March 2021, commencing at 9:00 A.M. The 18th will be conducted virtually on ZOOM. The registration can be done at https://internetsociety.org.lr/events, and 19th in-person at the Corina Hotel. It is observed that Liberia’s critical national Internet infrastructures and non-critical infrastructures depend on information networks for their operability. The ability to prevent effective cyber-attacks against a nation’s critical infrastructure depends on the availability of a skilled cyber-literate workforce, and therefore, on an educational system that can build such capabilities. This two days comprehensive cybersecurity training will cover everything from core terminology to how computers and networks function, security policies, cybersecurity strategy, risk management, a new way of looking at passwords, cryptographic principles, network attacks & malware, wireless security, firewalls, security technologies and tools, web, browser security, backups, virtual machines, and cloud security. As we all strive to make Liberia a Digital Economy with Telecommunications/ICT tools being the vehicle by which socio economic development is achieved, the importance of the Cybersecurity Education and Training cannot be over emphasized.